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Always strive to be innovative and perfect.

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Bảo Mã Production & Trading Co Ltd is a leading manufacturer and distributor of various types of LDPE, HDPE, PP plastic packaging products in Vieät Nam under the POMA® brand name. The company history is dated back to 1987 when it was formerly known as Vĩnh Đạt Packaging Factory.


With over twenty years of continuous innovation and production, Bảo Mã Production & Trading Co Ltd has build up its capabilities and capacity in manufacturing various poly packaging products. At present, Bảo Mã Production & Trading Co Ltd is complying with the ISO 9001-2008 which ensures the quality control system and the ability to produce different material and sizes of poly bags and rolls, including:

·      Packing products for agricultural, aquatic, food consumption, industrial purposes.

·      Zip-lock bag, shopping bag, garbage bag, plastic carriers.

·      Plastic sheeting

·      Perforated plastic roll

·      Poly roll of 2m - 4m measurement for the use of lining prawn-raising ponds, for construction sites and sewage system usage and as cover sheets for agricultural and industrial purposes.

·      Printing services on package of up to 6 colors with customization

·      Trading various plastic raw material such as: HDPE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE…


In 2008, we have restructured our company and invested in new machinery and technology. We are now ready to embark on the new operation line and to provide you with completed and value-added products and quality services. Our slogan, “Always strive to be perfect and innovative”, will be our promise to you.


Overview of our infrastructure:

·      Manufacturing site of 7,200m2  

·      LDPE Blowing machine                              : 25 sets

·      PP Blowing machine                                   : 14 sets

·      HDPE Automatic Blowing machine             : 10 sets

·      Cutting and Sealing machine                        : 41 sets

·      PE Sheet Blowing machine                          :   6 sets

·      Bronze printing machine and Plexo of up to 6 different colors.


Overview of our capacity:

·      Maximum production capacity                     : 8,400tons/year

·      Current average production capacity            : 6,000tons/year

·      Total workforce                                           : 130 staff

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