Please carefully check the goods, compare the products with the orders, invoices, and documents before receiving the products to ensure your interest in Exchange/Return and Product Warranty.

1. Apply to customers who satisfy all of the following conditions:

Purchase and have a purchase receipt provided with each order.

Contact with the ordered information (phone number, name, address of the buyer, stamp information, the label of the goods, etc.) must match the invoice.

New products are still intact and have not been used, or when removed, use 1 roll but the product quality is not guaranteed to meet the standards announced by the manufacturer.

For the reason of return and exchange if the goods are defective, broken, not delivered according to the order: please take a photo of the product and notify us within 48 hours of receiving the goods.

We do not accept returns for products that are not damaged, delivered according to the order, or damaged by the customer’s loading process. If the error is caused by transportation, after the customer checks that the goods show signs of denting, defective, substandard, the customer must return the goods immediately, refuse to receive the goods.

2. Process of handling returns

Contact the hotline number on the website or sales staff to support orders.

Provide the following information: a photo of the order receipt, a photo of the damaged product,

Feedback verification time is from 1-2 days

After verification, the company will issue a notice to accept the refund or not and clearly state the reason.

For defective products will be exchanged 1-1.

Delivery time for return and exchange is no more than 7 days

Return method: provide a new product or refund.

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