PP film is one of the important materials for the production of complex packaging, also known as composite packaging, widely used in this daily life. Please follow this article to better understand PP film

1. What is PP film?

Polypropylene film or PP film is a flexible plastic with clear, high gloss, and good tensile strength. It has a higher melting point than PE, making it suitable for applications requiring high-temperature sterilization.

PP film can be metalized, resulting in improved gas barrier properties for products requiring long shelf life. PP film is well suited for many industrial, consumer, and automotive applications.

PP film is completely recyclable and can be easily recycled into many other products for many different applications. However, PP is not biodegradable. On the plus side, PP waste does not produce toxic or harmful by-products.

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2. Types of PP màng Films

The two most important types of PP film are CPP film and BOPP film. Both grades have a high gloss, exceptional optics, good thermal insulation performance, better heat resistance than PE, and good moisture barrier properties.

CPP film

CPP film is increasingly solid as an excellent choice in many traditional flexible packaging as well as non-packaging applications. Film properties can be customized to meet specific packaging, performance, and handling requirements. In general, CPP has higher tear and impact resistance, better cold-temperature performance, and better heat sealing properties than BOPP

BOPP film

BOPP film is the most important polypropylene film. It is a great alternative to cellophane, wax paper, and aluminum foil. Orientation increases tensile strength and stiffness, reduces elongation (more difficult to stretch), and improves optical properties, and somewhat improves vapor barrier properties. In general, BOPP has higher tensile strength, higher modulus (hardness), lower elongation, better gas barrier, and lower fogging than CPP.

3. Application of PP film

PP film is used for many common packaging applications such as confectionery, snacks, and food packaging. Because PP has only average gas barrier properties, it is often coated with other polymers such as PVDC or acrylic, which greatly improves its gas barrier properties.

4. Features of PP film

Some of the most important properties of PP films are:

Chemical resistance: Bases and dilute acids do not react readily with polypropylene, which makes it a good choice for containers with liquids, such as detergents, first aid products, etc.

Elasticity and Toughness: Polypropylene will work with elasticity within a certain deflection range. Toughness is a technical term defined as the ability of a material to deform without breaking.

Resistance to breakage: Polypropylene retains its shape after many twists or turns.

Insulation: Polypropylene is very resistant to electricity and is very useful for electronic components.

5. Advantages of PP film

Available and relatively cheap.

High flexural strength due to its semi-crystalline nature.

Relatively smooth surface.

Very good moisture absorption.

Good chemical resistance on a wide range of bases and acids.

Good fracture resistance.

Good impact resistance.

Good electrical insulator.

6. Disadvantages of PP film

The high coefficient of thermal expansion limits applications at high temperatures.

Easily degraded by ultraviolet rays.

Poor resistance to chlorinated solvents and aromatics.

Difficult to paint because it has poor bonding properties.

Easily oxidized.

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