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Large PE bags for export packing

Bao Ma Company specializes in manufacturing and printing large-size PE bags to pack export products, [...]

Production and printing of zipper bags on request

Zipper bags are a common product and have many utilities in life. Today, you can [...]

Transparent PP bag for clean vegetables

Green vegetables are an indispensable necessity for every household. Therefore, the issue of how to [...]

Tips for tying a strong and easy-to-open plastic bag that not everyone knows

Plastic bags are used very commonly and you often tie the bag to ensure the [...]

T-Shirt bags and their interesting application discussed

Although most of us pretty much use T-shirt bags for groceries and retail shopping, these [...]

Large transparent PE bag for household appliances

Household appliances are indispensable items in our lives. Almost every family is equipped with a [...]

Is virgin plastic safe for customers’ health?

What is Virgin Plastic? Virgin plastic is exactly what you think it is. It’s a [...]

Common types of PE bags in life

What are polythene bags? A popular and economical form of retail and industrial packaging, transparent [...]

3 side seal with zipper

Three-side seals are widely used in many industries such as beverage, food, cosmetics, agriculture, etc. [...]

Agricultural mulch rolls – an innovative and sustainable solution in farming

1.What is an Agricultural mulch film? Agricultural mulch film is a plastic film – available [...]